I rarely post here...but am a daily reader and appreciate all that I learn here.  I just hung up the phone with my almost 27 year old son.  We live in VA, and he has decided not to vote in the Presidential election.  He is a passionate and intelligent young man.  He was raised as a liberal...and is probably more liberal than I am in many ways.

I am more or less a single issue voter...women's rights...and raised my sons to be adamant feminists which they are.  He even mocks me to be out canvassing today for the President as he knows how I feel about the drone attacks and Obama's Wall Street connections.

He disagrees with Obama on many issues...Drone Attacks, the closing of Guantanamo bay, Wall street connections, Patriot Act, etc....many of which I agree with him.

BUT...to NOT vote...and basically GIVING your vote to Romeny.  I just don't get it.  Nothing I said to him seemed to sway his decision.  He wants to make a point...wants to be true to his beliefs.  And i respect that...but I just begged him not to do it during this election with his vote.  I told him to find another way to make his point and share his opinion.  He plans on voting for Kaine and Douglas...but is withholding his presidential vote.

He is well read...is smart...and strong willed like his mother.  He thinks I'm foolish to focus on one issue...although I do NOT look at only one issue, but it is my MAIN issue.

So, that's the gist.  I am asking for help...I tried to talk to him about the supreme court, women's rights, education, and a variety of topics that are obviously different between Romeny and President Obama.  But, I am not informed enough to speak on a variety of issues especially international issues.

I want to be able to have another conversation with him...to convince him that although he disagrees with President Obama on SOME/many issues that he still needs to vote to support issues that he does feel strongly about that align with the President...but although I would love to educate myself further and have some sort of solid argument, I just do not have the time.  I'm a teacher...and a single mom and my life is crazy.

Anyone have some good resources or thoughts to share about how to present an argument to my son to convince him that he needs to vote for President Obama?

i would truly appreciate it.

Thanks a bunch in advance...a tearful mom in VA.

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