There are four roads in front of you, and you want to get to the top of the mountain. Which will you choose?

1. The road to the far right of you goes down the mountain in literally the opposite direction.

2. The road to the middle-right goes in circles, and looks like it travels both up and down. It's hard to see where it ends up but it looks like it goes dangerously close to the road to the right quite often.

3. The road to the middle-left goes up the mountain. It winds around some and looks like it will be slow traveling sometimes, and occasionally appears to not be all that well-constructed, but you can see the top from there.

4. The road to the far left of you is a freeway, but appears to only go 100 yards before it ends at a brick wall.

Think pragmatically. Though fictional, the scenario represents a real-world choice that as a mature adult US citizen, you are morally obligated to face and choose your action with on Nov 6th.

There are no other roads. There are no other choices. It is what it is, and you must make the best decision for you and others around you.

I argue that the best decision on Nov 6th is to vote for President Obama's re-election, and vote for a straight-Democratic ticket unless, pragmatically, an independent candidate who better represents liberal ideals and has the strength to get them done has a chance against both a DINO and the Republican nominee.

A reasonable, mature adult makes choices based on what's facing them in the real world, considering a firm grasp of reality. If they have a choice between overpaying for a loaf of bread or letting your child go hungry, they would not say 'this loaf is too expensive, it is against my frugal ideals to buy it." If they need to cross a bridge to get to work, they would not say "I do not like that a tree was cut to make way for this bridge, so I will not cross it."

If their community needs medicine to heal them from a disease epidemic, and the pills can only be bought from a salesperson who has made some shady deals in the past, they would not say 'I do not always like how this salesperson conducts business, therefore I shall not purchase this medicine."

The pragmatic adult will do what they must in order to help achieve the best result for the most people at the time and circumstances being.

A vote for President Obama is a vote to continue forward, toward the top of the mountain; this way is not without its imperfections, but it is the only way that a person with good judgement realizes will get to the top.

Originally posted to GoGoGoEverton's Blog on Mon Oct 29, 2012 at 11:13 AM PDT.

Also republished by The Federation.

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