From The Mellman Group:

With just over a week until Election Day, our recently completed survey shows President Obama leading Mitt Romney in Ohio by 5 percentage points (49% Obama, 44% Romney). Obama’s lead in the Buckeye State is bolstered by a strong performance among the 23% who say they have already voted. In that segment he garners more than twice as many votes as Romney (63% Obama, 29% Romney).
The poll wrapped up on the 25th, so it's a few days old (hence the early voting number at only 23%), but was just released today.

Strong showing for Obama, and a very bleak outlook for Romney.

Key point:

The pool of undecided voters has shrunk to just 5%, but they dislike Romney (13% favorable, 55% unfavorable) and are warmer toward the president (38% favorable, 37% unfavorable).

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