I just came across a Youtube video that shows what real, true red-and-blue bleeding courage and heroism are all about.  Just watch (midway through):

Part of what makes New York City so resilient is the spirit of selflessness with which its self-conscripted heroes carry themselves.  Those firefighters BUMRUSHED that building seconds after its entire front side collapsed, to go check for friends, civilians, and colleagues.  THAT, my friends, is what heroism is about.

Here's a colorful and absolutely spot-on top-rated comment over on Youtube:

Fucking hero mode activate, that firefighter didn't give a FUCK. Ran right in there balls out, fucking brave.
New York City...I love you.  You will make it through this dark night, and emerge ever the stronger for it.  You give hope to us all.  Sandy may dampen your streets, but never your spirit.

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