I am really annoyed that I cannot yell at wingnuts on HuffPo while I ride out Hurricane Sandy in upstate NY.

I want to yell at them about:

- Rape is God's Will.
- Lying about Governor Romney's record to let Detroit go bankrupt.  
- Their lies about Benghazi.  
- Blaming Clinton being blamed for the Bush economy and their taking zero responsibility for the Great Bush Recession.

That's just my short list of the things I want to yell at them.

And now, Mitt Romney has said that Federal Disaster Relief is Immoral.

What a prick.

What's immoral is my sister living in Brooklyn being cut off from the rest of the mainland United States, my former colleagues and friends being stranded on Staten Island, and my dearest and closest friends and former neighbors in Manhattan being without power or any real access out at this point.

I should tell you that had I been able to sell my house a year ago, I would have been living in the evacuated buildings that you've seen on TV known as Battery Park City - my country dogs need a place to run.  I still live an upstate region that was clobbered, but my experience today was not like my family and friends in NYC or brethren in New Jersey and southern Connecticut.

My household has dodged a potential disaster.  I hope I can say nearly the same thing about NYC & New Jersey when we arise on Tuesday.  I hope and pray that we do not relive the horror of my adopted home (by way of my alma mater) New Orleans, that after the storm and the all-clear had been offered, we do not find out what record breaking floods from breached retaining walls look like.  But knowing that President Obama has our backs gives me comfort before I get to sleep.

New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut (the tri-state community) along with Delaware have resources to deal with large problems.  And when we find ourselves in greater need, we ask each other for help.  But what happens when we all need help?  This is when we must all rely on the Federal government and their much larger resource pool.

But Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan believe that to be immoral.  All I can do is shake my head in shame that there are Americans that actually feel this way.  We are the United States of America - UNITED States.  We are not the 'I-got-mine-so-fuck-off-and-die States of America.'


I have to clean up the fallen trees that have littered our property.  More importantly, I have to make certain that my friends and family are alive and well.  And then I have to get back to blogging and trying to reach one more voter who might change their mind and vote for President Obama.  537 votes mattered in Bush vs. Gore.  If 537 people can each reach one more person, then maybe we can change the world.

If there is anything positive that has come thus far from this natural disaster it is that Governor Chris Christie has repeatedly thanked President Obama for providing resources and leadership.  I'm not sure anything could have been more harmful to Mitt Romney.

Obvious the day for those of us in the path of Hurricane Sandy has been long and I am just simply tired.  But my resolve has never been more strong and tomorrow I have a great deal of work to do and so should you.  I get a warm-fuzzy knowing that the sun will shine for all of us when we awake next Wednesday and President Obama has been reelected.

I hate to leave on a sour note, so I offer a bit of trivia - how many people ride the NYC subways daily?

More than the combined total population of:  Wyoming, Vermont, North Dakota, Alaska, South Dakota, Delaware, Montana, and Rhode Island.

These 8 states get 16 U.S. Senators; NY gets 2.  More people ride just the NY subways everyday than these 8 states have in total population.

Don't let that immoral prick and his sidekick lie, steal, and cheat their way to the White House.

Get out the vote.

Godspeed and may our kind and gentle God bless America.

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