They voted for Romney as governor -- we vote the man not the party, my father said.

This time around, via absentee ballot, my father voted for Obama, my mother, for the Libertarian candidate.  Why, I asked her?  Obama hasn't been strong enough even though the Congress has been lousy, she said.  

For Senator, my father voted for Warren, my mother voted for Brown.  Again asked why she said Warren lied about the absetos case.  She's a liar, my mother said.  No amount of facts to the contrary seemed to have dissuaded her.  My mother says it's a lousy Congress and then votes to continue the lousy Congress.  

On the plus side, both of them voted for the Kennedy running for Barney Frank's seat.  My mother never liked the Kennedy's.  She thought Teddy was scum because of Chappaquidick.  So this is really a move forward for her.

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