Tammy Baldwin gets a valuable assist in her campaign for the Wisconsin senate seat:

CLINTON:  One big difference between Tammy Baldwin and Tommy Thompson is that she stood up to the special interests, and he's stood up for them. If you put people first, it works better than trickle-down economics.... Thanks to Tammy Baldwin, there are three-million young people under the age of 26 who are now on their parents' health insurance policy.... We will bring America back in a fair, balanced, progressive way—with Tammy Baldwin, you can count on it."
The narrative that Thompson is out for himself and out for the special interests has real traction in this race, fueled by Thompson. He's refused to release his tax returns, has forgotten how many houses he owns, and has been hurt by having significant investments in companies doing business in Iran. Then, of course, there's how he profited off of 9/11 first responders.

Now there's a new revelation about his private finances that's going to sting.

Madison -- U.S. Senate candidate Tommy Thompson took ownership of more than $125,000 in stock this month for sitting on the board of a medical device company that has faced lawsuits and federal investigations.

Thompson in 2005 joined the board of C.R. Bard Inc., a New Jersey medical device maker that last year paid $184 million to resolve 2,600 lawsuits, has about 1,000 other lawsuits pending and has faced investigations by federal prosecutors.

Goal Thermometer
He received the 1,200 shares of stock on Oct. 1, taking ownership of them without having to pay for them. Apparently they're a perk of board membership. His campaign has been clear in stating that as a board member "Governor Thompson is not involved in the daily operations of these companies."

He apparently just gets to sit on the board and profit handsomely, while doing nothing to oversee those operations and to make sure these companies don't break the law. Nice work, if you can get it.

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