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    Why has Romney not been tagged with Slick Willie? Remember Mitt is Willard's middle name. It took Bill Clinton's speech in the wake of Hurricane Sandy for me to make the connection. http://www.youtube.com/...
The Big Dog was laying into the real Slick Willie pretty heavy on climate change. It has got to sting when you get tagged by Bill Clinton like Romney did, especially when its true. Clinton may have earned the nickname Slick Willie whether he liked it or not when he owned it, but Romney has swept in to capture the Slick Willie title and has polished the bullshit crown to a unique brilliance. I'm not sure if he wears it proudly or ignorantly, but I do know he doesn't give a damn what I think and never will.

    That was proven again today with both GM and Chrysler releasing statements refuting the Jeep move to China meme and other lies that are contained in current Romney/Ryan campaign ads.
     Today at his Storm Relief/Campaign/Victory rally in as it was advertised in Ohio, Romney was asked questions by the news pool about his previous comments about FEMA and current views of the agency and he refused to answer any of them. Even this question, "Governor you've been asked 14 times, why are you refusing to answer the question?" Nothing from him. Nothing, exactly what we've been getting from him from the start and what we can expect in the future. Romney does not pay attention to things that do not interest him. The Red Cross is specifically asking not to donate food items for disaster relief because of the impossible logistic concerns of distribution. Yet today at the Storm Relief/Campaign/Victory Rally, Romney's campaign asked people to do just that and they did. None of that food will make a difference because nobody in the Romney campaign can hear anyone else. Honest efforts by people wanting to help have not and became instead a nuisance because of what they were asked to do. Its a stark reminder that they do not care what anyone else outside their echo chamber says, its apparently just noise to them.
     When I got a chance to watch Clinton's speech I was sitting there in stunned enjoyment. This was how you treat liars and fools. Slick Willie must have come unglued when he heard Bill Clinton clearly illustrate why he has no business being president. I guess the October Surprise this year is the same as last time, when put to the test, again, Republicans fail to lead again, are wrong on policy again, and fail to correct it, again. This is why I'd say the GOP are just as culpable in the strength of climate disasters now as they were with the economic crash in October of '08. But it took the Big Dog and Detroit today to make the real Slick Willy "please stand up, please stand up".


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