Here are the latest figures out of Nevada.

It was a decent day for us in Nevada.

For these reports, I will only be tracking Clark County and Washoe County.  Together, they account for just shy of 90% of all registered voters in Nevada.

First let's start with the numbers from Clark County:

Here are the cumulative early voting figures:

Dems 158,273 (48.28%)
Reps 108,070 (32.97%)
Inds 61,474 (18.75%)

TOTAL 327,817

Here are the additional early ballots cast since the last daily report:

Dems +13,007    
Reps +10,097
Inds +6,027

This was a nice bounce-back from yesterday, where Republicans were behind Democrats only 1,618 in the early vote count on Monday.  In such a heavily Democratic county, this concerned me.  But it was only one day, and as you can see, our lead is back out to about 3,000 for the Tuesday figures.  

Now, here are the cumulative figures, including mail-in ballots:

Dems 175,888 (48.17%)
Reps 124,292 (33.62%)
Inds 67,734 (18.22%)

TOTAL 367,914

As of this report, 43.19% of the 851,803 active voters in Clark County have voted.  2012 turnout among early voters is still running higher than in 2008.  At this exact same date in 2008, about 480,000 voters had cast a ballot statewide, but as of this election about 540,000 votes have been cast statewide In 2008, a total of 561,625 people voted early in Nevada before election day (I don't know if that includes mail-in ballots or not - the sos website doesn't say)  

By the way, our registration advantage among active voters in Clark County is roughly 46% to 31% so the cumulative figures are in keeping with those proportions thus far.  The Republicans have gained on us a bit percentage-wise, so we'll have to keep a close eye on these figures.  So far, though, the numbers are strong for us and Clark County accounts for two thirds of all active voters in Nevada.

Now, let's take a look at Washoe County.

Here are the cumulative early voting numbers:

Dems 33,430 (41.73%)
Reps 32,313 (40.33%)
Inds 14,372 (17.94%)

TOTAL 80,115

Here are the new early votes since the last report:
Dems +3,360
Reps +3,700

These figures, along with Monday's figures mirror what happened last week in early voting - Republicans edged us both nights.  Democrats in Washoe seem to do better later in the week, so this is something to monitor in case a clear trend materializes.  

Here are the cumulative figures, including mail-in ballots:

Dems 38,656
Reps 38,130
Inds 16,638

TOTAL 93,424

Republicans have a slight edge in voter registration in Washoe, so the fact that we are still ahead after so many days of early voting is encouraging.

As of now, this constitutes 38.69% of the 241,459 active voters in Washoe County.  We are still in a solid position in Nevada thus far.

On a statewide level, we lead among all ballots cast by about 7 percentage points, 44% to 37%.  This mirrors our overall advantage among active voters in the state which is about 42% to 35%.  


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