This morning I got to say this right to the face of my incumbent Republican member of Congress. It was the most satisfying thing I did all day.

Where I live near Chicago, local candidates always eventually show up at the commuter train stations just before an election and when the City and burbs have over a dozen Congress Critters, local means Congress, too. So, there wasn't much surprise when I pulled into the Village Park 'n Ride this morning to see most of the small lot for Kiss 'n Ride drop offs in front of the depot blocked off by 1st term Republican incumbent, Robert Dold's version of Mtt Romney's Mr. Bus.  As I walked from our car to the platform, I had to work my way past a throng of Republican candidates and their supporters.  

First, an older, white haired (i.e. my age) lady was handing out flyers.  As I approached she tried to compliment my full white beard. "You're working for the wrong team."  That is all I said to her.

Next the State House candidate from my district spoke up to tell me that he built the train station. It is named after him, but I'm pretty sure that even though he got the Village to do that, it was actually built by guys in tool belts and hard hats and, probably, carrying union cards. I'm just as sure that a Republican tool like Sid would oppose any tax revenue to support improved transit and transportation, unless he had close enough friends who could profit. Anyway, the whole train station thing was just Sid's talking point for when he greets commuters in front of the station. Sid wasn't really looking for a conversation as he seamlessly segued into, ". . . and this is your Congressman, Bob Dold."

At this point, Dold shined at me the dazzling smile that is his taxpayer funded dental work and snapped his arm up for a handshake like a NASA robot. I kept my right hand on the handle of the rollercase I was pulling, looked him straight in the eye and said, "You're a lousy liar, Bob." walking on to catch the then arriving 7:18, all without once breaking my stride.

I was already mad at Dold for an ad that ran during the morning news while we were getting ready for work, claiming he is pro-choice. Dold is playing the exact same game as the louse at the head of his ticket, governing severely conservative and running severely moderate. Dold is no more pro-choice in the 10th Congressional District today than Romney was pro-choice when he ran for and won office in Massachusetts years ago. I am disgusted with Republicans who go here without first making a career of denouncing the bigotry and hypocrisy of the rest of their party.

I was already mad as hell at Dold this morning before I ever saw his bus. In retrospect, I can think of lots of things I could have said just as quickly to zing him even harder than I managed. But, I said what I actually did say with no forethought.

I hope he thinks again, once or twice, between now and Tuesday's aftermath, of the coot at the train station who told  him off as a liar. I hope mostly that he wonders about which one of his lies I was talking about.

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