Ok, I wanted to have an election night party...BUT  I haven't been in the mood as of late, because I just didn't want to spend my mourning period with a bunch of leftover appetizers,  balloons, confetti and a ton of friends crying, if we happen to lose. So I have put off planning anything.

Until today.  

All along, I have just known in my gut that this entire election will depend on GOTV and turnout.  All of the polls showing leads for us, would need 2008 levels of turnout on our side to be accurate and well, I just didn't see it happening.

However, now I am almost certain that not only will we get that kind of turnout but we will get even more!!  If turnout is higher than 2008, as early voting is proving...there simply is NO CHANCE we will lose.  None....Zero....Nada!  We will win the popular vote and the electoral college, just  like in 2008. We will keep the Senate and the House is a great possibility with coattails. The pollsters are expecting this level of turnout....the early vote is proving that it will happen, Nate Silver is almost certain and I am going to stop being scared of losing, when the possibility doesn't even have the remotest of chances.

So I planned today for my party.  Bought invites, balloons, decorations, champagne, food galore and we are going to party like it's 2008!!

Because I know it will be just like that day...4 years ago! The best kind of re run in the world!  I can't wait!


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