Drudge tried to tease a "major" story about a Senator being accused of soliciting 2 prostitutes in the Dominican Republic, so they can get more attention. Unfortunately for them, word leaked out beforehand and, we, at Dailykos, found out the accusation was Senator Menendez long before they reported it. I posted the following diary to counter the accusation, the important portions of which I will repost here, since it is no longer a diary based on a rumor:

I have a few things to say about this. First of all it's by the guy Tucker Carlson who got his ass kicked by Jon Stewart and no longer has a job. He is desperate to hype up some breaking news because he is irrelevant, so I would take this news with a grain of salt. But, at the same time, I wouldn't discount it completely, because they were right about Anthony Weiner before.

Update based on Daily Caller: they don't seem to have any evidence except for the word of the two prostitutes and the fact that Menendez visited the Dominican Republican for a few days. Menendez, through this campaign, denied the accusation.

In either case, this whole thing is stupid. First of all, Menendez is crushing his opposition right now in the polls, and I doubt polls will move in a few days. Second, New Jersians right now care about what their politicians do for them, and Obama and Co. are showing how good they are at handling the storm. They care about their homes, families, jobs first, and whom their Senators are boning last. Third, Menendez is not even married. So, basically conservatives are accusing Menendez of being attracted to women. Whoop-de-doo. As long as he didn't use tax payer money for his trysts- who cares.

If anyone thinks this will alter the all important 24hr news cycle, it won't. Sandy and its devastation are more important. This is just utter desperation.  I think liberal pundits in the media would be happy to talk about Vitter if they dare bring up sex scandals.

And I would love to see the hypocritical outrage from Limbaugh the guy who took a tub of viagra to go the Dominican Republic. If anyone thinks Limbaugh is going to say a word of this, they will be sorely disappointed. And I think for every liberal pundit answering questions, the answer should be "Just ask Limbaugh"

Thanks to Tetris for the idea for this title.

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