Please note that there is a thirty second ad before the ad referenced below begins.



I have a major revelation for Black Americans. It is a big lie that Democrats are for Black Americans and Republicans are against Black Americans. Abraham Lincoln who freed the slaves was a Republican. Republicans founded the NAACP. Republicans passed the Civil Rights act while Democrats opposed it. Blacks can gain success and prosperity by voting out Obama and the Democrats and voting in the Republicans. Empower Citizens Network is responsible for the content of this message.

Because Abraham Lincoln. Or something.

In the final days of the campaign in Ohio, the stops have been pulled out in the scramble to eke out a win. And that means one super PAC calling on African Americans to vote against President Obama because Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves.

Cable viewers in several markets across the state are being treated to ads by an obscure self-described “alternative conservative” super PAC called the Empower Citizens Network. One of the group’s ads accuses Obama and Democrats of imploding the economy by forcing mortgage companies to lend to “unqualified borrowers” while the Soviet national anthem plays. Another promises welfare recipients that “Republicans can save your money source” by reducing regulations on business.

And then there’s the ad which one viewer told TPM is airing in the Columbus area on cable. Our source caught it a couple of times on MSNBC. That ad is the Empower Citizens Network spot that tells African Americans it’s a “lie” that Democrats support them and cites the Emancipation Proclamation as evidence.

This just reeks of utter desperation. How stupid does this outfit Empower Citizens Network think Black Americans are? They are about to find out on November 6th.
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