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There are two ways we know that polls are headed in the right direction. One would be to look at state polling averages. But the mainstream media, led by those at Politico, may look at this as Wizardry of some sort. The other way you know the polls are good are if Dick Morris and Karl Rove start to make wildly insane predictions. Ladies and gentleman, both conditions were present today, so we get a solid 8! The only reason the rating isn't higher is because there was no Ohio polling today, and the national polls (the few that we actually have right now) haven't moved much.

First to the polls. National polling is still mostly idle in result to Hurricane Sandy, though we did get some data, which indicated basically no movement. Rasmussen still shows Romney up 2, while Reuters-Ipsos stayed at Obama +1. ABC/WaPo showed the President moving into a 1 point lead, up from a tie yesterday, but they pointed out that his lead amounted to a few decimal points. Obama now leads the RCP average by 0.1%

Of course, we elect Presidents through the electoral college, and things were very promising on that front again today. Polls of the state of Wisconsin showed the President with a lead of up to 9 points (!) or tied if you believe Rasmussen. Obama now leads in the averages of that state by 5 points. Mitt's not gonna win it at this point unless state polling is way way off. Obama also got a poll from NBC/WSJ showing him up 6 in Iowa. Rasmussen shows him down 1, so my guess is this is about a 3-4 point Obama lead. Again, Mitt's not gonna win it unless a lot of polls are wrong. Two Nevada polls out: A public one showed Obama up 4, and a private Mellman poll (the dude who nailed Harry Reid's victory in 2010) showed Obama up 6. Guess what? Romney's not winning Nevada unless the polls are wrong. Obama even got some decent numbers in Colorado, where he does not have to win. CNN shows him up 2 there, while Rasmussen has him down 3. I'll take that as a very very slight Obama lead.

So there you have it. More evidence that either Obama gets reelected, or state polls are consistently wrong. But fear not, conservatives! You still have two people who are paid to tell you what you want to hear! Dick Morris today says that Romney is gonna win by 5-10% and with 300 electoral votes. If this prediction is as good as his previous ones, Obama might go on to win North Carolina and maybe Arizona. Also, Karl Rove is predicting 297 electoral votes for Romney. I guess that's "the math" this year. The predictions of these two clowns are probably the best evidence we have that Obama is winning. Huzzah!



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