Whoa....Kansas Republicans are getting nasty for NO reason.  Romney is going to win Kansas easily so picking a fight with a Democrat is pretty ridiculous.  Story below the squiggle.

Prairie Village, KS is a well-to-do suburb of Kansas City.  An errand I had to run this afternoon actually took me through Prairie Village and, as always, I kept count of the political signs there.  3-1 Romney, but that's actually good for Kansas.  I lived in Prairie Village for a few years and met some good Democrats there through Move On.

Anyway, with that said here's the story:

Linda Lighton of Prairie Village went to a scheduled appointment with her gynecologist, Dr. Robert Battmer, also of Prairie Village.  She espied a Romney sign in his office and this is apparently where the trouble began.

"As I went into the office part, he had a Romney/Ryan poster pasted on his door. He said, 'Did you see this Romney sign?' I said, 'Well I did,'" she recounted.

Lighton said Battmer went on to say very negative comments about the president.

"'Mr. Obama is Muslim,' and a lot of other stuff," she said. "I wish I could have recorded it."

For a highly educated professional to believe the Muslim nonsense is really surprising.  His next move was a bit more unsettling:
"He said 'I won't service anybody if they don't vote for Romney,'" she said. "I was like, 'Well, I will be voting President Obama,' and he said, 'Well, I can't help you then.'"
According to Lighton, he then escorted her from his office.  How dare the little woman talk back like that!  

Dr. Battmer is denying that he refused treatment.  I don't know about you, but when I have to wait to get a GYN appointment and then it finally arrives, I'm not walking out unless I'm thrown out, and it's not always easy to find a decent gynecologist as a new patient.  I tend to believe her for this reason.

I'll be so glad when this election is over and this nonsense ends.

8:05 PM PT: Found a bit of a bio on this doctor - he's 70 years old, and this seems to be the age cohort that believes the Muslim stuff the most.  Might explain it.

UPDATE: Reading reviews from his patients make me believe Mrs. Lighton even more.  Here are a few samples:

WOW! The poor treatment is so true! I was treated like an idiot and told to do it his way or "get out". All I can say is WOW!  
Worst doctor ever! my wife went to him for hormone therapy. He walked into the room looked at my wife and immediatly told her to get off the stool she was sitting on because it wasnt designed to hold her weight. He didnt examine her at all. She has almost every symptom on his hormone checklist. She told him that and he just repeated she was too heavy and wouldnt treat her. My wife was in tears when we left the office. I wouldnt recommend this "doctor" to treat a cold!  
I though Dr. Battmer was absolutely wonderful--at first. But he entually turned into a Mr. Hyde. I was getting weekly hormone and vitamin B injections for a few months but then ran into money problems and hadn't been in for a while. I am on disability and was relying on family for help w/ my treatment. Then when I called for an appt. for the first time in a while, the receptionist suggested that I ask Dr. Battmer for a discount for a while so I could continue to get the shots weekly. I was given the impression this was something he would not mind. Well, he offered to give me the injections for half-price, but then immediately insulted me by asking if i was 'homeless'--in a very uncaring manner, then jammed the needle in my behind so hard that it left a massive bruise for a month, and lied to me by telling me had given me both hormones and vitamin B when all he gave me was the vitamin B and I knew it. He made it very clear to me that he did not want me to come back and I never have.  

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