In my life I try very hard to never force my views down the throat of other folks. I find it nice to be here cause most days people already agree with me. But I also dislike that. That if I say I am a liberal then folks just agree with me. Below the fold a "nice" story.

For most days my parents took me to church. Every Sunday.

Around 14 I had to go through the confirmation process. I come from a family of book readers, so maybe when I had to take classes about the Bible, I in fact read the Bible. I had a lot of questions. Things didn't seem to compute.

So I started to ask a lot of questions.

That got a phone call from the church to my parents.

I can't stress how many times my parents got a call from a school or somebody saying I was being a pain in the ass.

I might have said I had some issues about Noah. That there were like 137,000 speices of bugs, I don't see how he got them all on his boat.

My parents said what is the title of this Dairy to the Priest.

That was the last time we ever went to church. I found my parents are Atheist, although they'd never use that word. But as they like to say they let me figure stuff out for myself.

I've written a ton here about my parents. This, well I always felt it was about the coolest thing.

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