When President Obama defeats Romney in a few days time, the MSM are going to have to engage in a major excuse management and damage limitation exercise, spinning the result as not really a win for Democratic values and arguing that Obama must now implement Republican policies. Here's a sample of what you can expect to hear:

  1. Obama won the most divisive campaign in history. It's time to heal the wounds and govern from the center.
  2. Obama only won because of Sandy. He doesn't have a mandate.
  3. Romney was a RHINO candidate - the Republicans made a mistake in not nominating a real conservative.
  4. Obama must now lead and implement Simpson-Bowles (despite the fact that the party stressing debt reduction lost the election).
  5. Our pundits and pollsters only called the election wrong because there was a very late (and irrational) swing to the President
  6. Obama wins clear victory but must now be more bipartisan in his approach
  7. Obama has lost the trust of the white electorate and must now take urgent steps to win it back
  8. Minorities only voted for Obama because he is black. That's unAmerican.
  9. Women only voted for Obama because Romney is too old for them
  10. Young people only voted for Obama because they were misled and misinformed. Polls show only 5% of young people understand basic economics. (Note to Ed. we need to commission a Rasmussen poll on this quick).
  11. The less well off voted against Romney because they were envious of his success and want the Government to redistribute his wealth.
  12. It's all Chris Christie's fault for undercutting the standard narrative that Obama is incompetent and Government can't do anything right.

Please add your MSM excuses in the comments below. Be prepared!

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