And they weren't easy miles either!  That's how important this election is!  I know you get tired of hearing that "this is the most important election of our lifetimes", but it's true.  And the next election will be just as important.  There are NO unimportant elections when the Oligarchs know they only have to get complete power once, and they can make changes that take decades, if ever, before they can be corrected.  We are still paying for the economic policies of Ronald Reagan, and we'll be paying for the rest of our lives for George Bush ignoring climate change.

I live in a "different" place.  I'm 10 miles from my mailbox, it's 700 feet lower than me, and it's actually in a different state.  It's on a dirt road that gets graded once in the summer.  Last week we had a foot of snow followed by 55 mph winds, not that unusual for around here. The roads were plugged for about 5 days.  The county didn't get the mail-in ballots out on time, so I didn't get mine before the snow fell.

I was able to get out yesterday, and my ballot was finally in my mailbox.  The problem is, it may be too late to get it mailed in and to the election office on time.  This election is so important, and since I'm in a state that could be the closest in the country, I decided I needed to hand deliver our ballots.

We drove 150 miles, roundtrip, 56 miles of it through rutted, muddy graded roads, with the need for 4WD in a couple of spots because of the snow, and hand delivered our ballots to the election office.  I was amazed to see lines of people hand delivering their mail-in ballots and all the voting booths full of voters.

So I don't want to hear any excuses for why you didn't vote this year.  You couldn't find the time, or you would have had to drive downtown in heavy traffic, or it was raining...  No!  This election is THAT important!  If you have some special problems that may prevent you from voting this year, call the local Democratic party office, and they'll find a way to help you vote.  And if you know someone who is making excuses for why they might not vote, find a way to help them get to the polls and vote.


Originally posted to pollwatcher on Fri Nov 02, 2012 at 06:15 AM PDT.

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