The 5th edition of my election preview will focus on the Missouri statewide races (other than McCaskill v. Akin v. Dine, which will be the next diary).

10.31.2012 =: US Senate Overview
11.01.2012 1: US House Overview 1 (Northeast, New England, Midwest)
11.01.2012 2: US House Overview 2 (West, Southwest, Texas, South, Florida)
11.02.2012 1: IN-Sen (Donnelly v. Mourdock)
11.02.2012 2: WI-01 (Zerban v. Ryan)
11.02.2012 3: WI-Sen (Baldwin v. Thompson)

11.03.2012 1: MO-Gov (Nixon v. Spence), MO-Lt. Gov, Mo-SoS, MO-AG
11.03.2012 2: MO-Sen (McCaskill v. Akin)
11.04.2012 1: IL-10 (Schneider v. Dold)
11.04.2012 2: IL-08 (Duckworth v. Walsh)
11.04.2012 3: IL-11 (Foster v. Biggert)
11.05.2012 1: IL-17 (Bustos v. Schilling)
11.05.2012 2: IL-13 (Gill v. Davis v. Hartman)
11.05.2012 3: IL-12 (My home district, Enyart v. Gill)
11.06.2012 1 : POTUS/VPOTUS (Obama/Biden v. Romney/Ryan v. Stein/Honkala v. Johnson v. Gray)
11.06.2012 2: GOTV/Election Day diary

1 = Morning
2 = Afternoon/Early Evening
3 = Evening/Overnight

Missouri Gubernatorial Election: Jay Nixon (D) v. Dave Spence (R) v. Jim Higgins (L):
Incumbent Jay Nixon (D) is likely favored to win a 2nd term to govern the state of Missouri on Tuesday. Nixon has been rumored to possibly run for Senate in 2016 against Roy Blunt (R) and is reportedly in the mix for the Presidency, VP, or a cabinet slot in 2016.

Prior to his run for Governor, Nixon's opponent Dave Spence (R) purchased Alpha Packaging in 1985. He got busted for lying in a TV ad in front of a still-open business that he claimed was closed.


The spot opens on a shuttered industrial building with Spence's voiceover: "After 65 years, this business shut its doors last year," followed by the on-screen words: "McHenry Truck Equipment: Closed in 2011." Spence continues: "It's the same all over Missouri. Small businesses are struggling to stay afloat with Jay Nixon in charge."

Well, maybe, maybe not.

But Spence should probably find a better example to make his case: McHenry Truck Equipment did indeed close its doors in 2011 -- in order to move to its new location only four miles away, still within the city of St. Louis. As of yesterday, it was still open for business.

Nixon is pro-choice.
Dave is committed to protecting human life at all stages.   That is why he has been endorsed by Missouri Right to Life for his strong pro-life beliefs.  Dave’s ardent pro-life stance is based on his deep personal convictions, and as governor, he will fight to reduce the number of abortions in Missouri. Click here for a Missouri Family Network Important Message
Maintaining Missouri’s perfect AAA credit rating by balancing the budget without raising taxes;
Training Missouri students and workers for the high-demand jobs of the future;
Investing in science, technology and innovation;
Lowering taxes for small businesses and helping them access the capital they need to create jobs;
Expanding exports by helping Missouri businesses sell their goods overseas;
Aggressively recruiting new employers and helping existing businesses expand.
Ridiculous Farm Regulations- Whether trying to regulate farm dust or stop grandkids from riding tractors and using power screwdrivers, government bureaucrats need to get off the back of family farms.
Punitive State Agencies- State agencies like Nixon’s Department of Natural resources forgot that they work for the taxpayers, and they are stifling businesses by overregulation and bureaucratic red-tape.
Supporting Missouri hunters & anglers;
Encouraging the next generation of outdoorsmen and women;
Strengthening Missouri’s State Parks and natural areas;
Protecting sportsmen’s Second Amendment rights.
Dave believes that protecting our constitutional right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental to ensuring personal freedom.  He is a Lifetime Member of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and will work to strengthen our Second Amendment protections from the day he is sworn in as governor.
Marriage Equality/LGBTQ Rights:
He is against marriage equality.
Dave understands the importance of protecting traditional marriage.  Marriage is a foundational institution for our society and should not be diminished or redefined.  Dave believes that marriage is only between one man and one woman and will protect its sanctity.
Dave believes that discrimination is wrong and does not support any kind of discrimination. He also believes that it isn’t government’s place to engage in social engineering.  Jay Nixon took the unprecedented step of including sexual orientation in a list of protected classes through executive fiat.  His executive order should be revised to strike that language.
Supports PPACA
Dave stands with the 71% of Missouri voters who rejected Obamacare in 2010. It is the largest tax increase in American history and an unacceptable federal government intrusion into the lives of our citizens. Dave will not implement any mandate — including the Medicaid expansion — from Obamacare.
Race Rating: Likely to Safe D

MO-Lt. Gov: Susan Montee (D) v. Peter Kinder (R) v. Matthew Copple (L) v. Cynthia Davis (C):
Can the scandal-ridden incumbent and Dana Loesch BFF Peter Kinder (R) survive another term as Missouri's 2nd in command, or will Susan Montee (D) send him packing? I hope Kinder's gone.

Race Rating: Tossup

MO-Attorney General: Chris Koster (D) v. Ed Martin (R):
Former Republican and incumbent Chris Koster (D) faces off against free agent Ed Martin (R), who was seeking at one point or another this cycle the Senate against McCaskill and Todd Akin (now running for Senate)'s former MO-02 seat and was the person who nearly dethroned the now-redistricted out Russ Carnahan (D) in 2010.

Race Rating: Likely D

Missouri Secretary Of State: Jason Kander (D) v. Shane Schoeller (R):
With current SoS and 2010 Senate opponent Robin Carnahan (D) retiring, State Representative Jason Kander won the Democratic Party's primary and House Speaker Pro Tem Shane Schoeller won his party's very contested primary back in August.

Fun fact: the last two Republican SoS that won in Missouri have had the last name of Blunt: current Senator Roy (1985-1993) and former Governor Matt (2001-2005). The last non-Blunt GOPer that won SoS in Missouri: Gregory C. Stockard (1944-1945).

Race Rating: Tilt to Lean D

Missouri Treasurer: Clint Zweifel (D) v. Cole McNary (R) v. Sean O'Toole (L):
Incumbent and likely favorite to be re-elected Clint Zweifel (D) is running against State Representative Cole McNary (R).

Race Rating: Likely D

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