Around noon today an early voting site in Winter Park, Fl in the crucial I-4 corridor was evacuated after a suspicious package was discovered at the site.  It is described as a cooler that had a wire sticking out of it.  The voters have been removed from the site, a public library, but many hundreds are on the streets outside, waiting patiently to exercise their right to vote.  Many had already waited for up to 4 hours before being told to evacuate.

Democratic senator Bill Nelson has asked tea party Governor Rick Scott to extend early voting hours by executive order due to long wait times, but Scott has stated that the law does not allow this.  Which, of course, is a lie.  

Bomb scares which disrupt voting, challenging signatures, limited voting hours leading to long lines, and illegal purges of the voting rolls are all taking place in Florida to limit access to the polls.  A good admission that the GOP machine know that they can't win free and fair elections.  Their only path to election victories is limiting who can vote.

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