There are only three days left.  3.  That is all the time we have to ensure that RMoney and Bush Corp does not take over the White House.  Again.  If you have not already done so or are not planning to do so, get off your ass and GOTV.

I have been in Ohio all week.  There are good and hard working people here, but the truth is that there are not enough of us.  Wisconsin is desperate for help.  Desperate.  Without more volunteers, all supporters that fit the unlikely-to-vote descriptor will not be reached.  They may stay home.  If they do, we lose.

Please, stop looking at 538 and taking Obama's chances for granted.  Turn off MSNBC.  Everything else is just words right now.  People have decided.  Let the pundits argue over who has the edge.  Be part of the edge.

Find an office and do a canvassing shift.  It takes 3 hours.  It is easy: you only talk to supporters, you just need to push them to vote.  If people stay home, especially because they see the "good" poll numbers, we will lose.  Three hours on Sunday or Monday or Tuesday or all 3.

If you cannot canvass or if you live in a state like California, pick up the phone and make phone calls.  The Obama website makes it easy.  Again, this is stress free because you are not making persuasion calls: you are simply reminding voters that we lose if they do not vote.

Do not let this moment pass by and wonder if you should have done more.





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