Please tell him for me that people need to be kept in their homes.

You see, there's this woman, her name is Jodie, and the moving vans and probably sheriff's deputies are supposed to be coming to throw her and her belongings out of her house tomorrow morning.

Jodie Randolph.
Jodie Randolph on the porch of her small house in Alameda, CA

She has cancer and is getting chemotherapy. I'll bet you know how debilitating that is. She can no longer fight the bank on her own. So she's asked us to make a stand for her -- on her lawn, on her porch, and in her living room. I won't be shooting the sheriff (or his deputy) but we're hoping at the very least to make the evictors have to come back another day, and at best to make the bank for once in its personhood do something humane, and give her back her house under reasonable terms.

Here's more of her story, and how you can help tomorrow early while you are sitting there on the edge of your seat biting your fingernails waiting for election results that won't come until the evening.

Jodie Randolph is a small-business owner in Alameda.

Morgan Stanley's earnings for the last three months were $7.6 billion dollars, or about $2.5 billion per month.

Jodie Randolph is a breast-cancer survivor.

Morgan Stanley is legally a person, but doesn't have breasts. Instead, it has assets of $311 billion.

Jodie Randolph is in treatment for colon cancer.

Morgan Stanley doesn't have a colon either. Instead, it takes care of its $311 billion in assets by shedding jobs -- about 4500, or 7% of its work force, last quarter.

Jodie Randolph and her possessions are about to go out onto the street, because Morgan Stanley has something better to do with her home than let her live there.

Jodie has been fighting to stay in her home for years. Companies affiliated with Morgan Stanley shuttled the loan around from one subsidiary to the other until they foreclosed on her. Morgan Stanley's tactics have included:

  • pushing her into a predatory refinance.
  • Moving her loan around from company to company so she couldn't get a fix on who to negotiate with
  • Removing the lawyer for Morgan Stanley who was actually negotiating with Jodie when they were close to reaching a mutually acceptable plan; and
  • Stunningly, breaking in and changing the locks to her house WHILE SHE WAS AT A CHEMOTHERAPY SESSION

Since lawyers have failed her, Jodie is fighting back the people's way.

Jodie talks about her fight with Morgan Stanley et al, spanning years and increasing in desperation.

On Monday, Jodie, supported by a delegation of her family, friends, neighbors, the Occupy Oakland Foreclosure Defense Group, the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, and other foreclosure activists went to the Bay Area offices of Morgan Stanley to present her demand letter: a reasonable repurchase plan, including principal reduction.

When the truck comes Tuesday morning (yes, Election Day morning!) to take away her furniture and leave her on the street people from all those groups will be on that street to stop that truck.

Here's how you can help.

If you are in the area and want to participate in the eviction defense tomorrow or on subsequent days:

Read this article, which is similar to this one but contains information for local people on where to go, how to get there, etc.

Check out this page for updates, or who to call, etc

If you aren't in the area or want to help from home, please call

John Sheldon
Morgan Stanley Executive Director
San Francisco


on Tuesday morning and tell him to stop the eviction of Jodie Randolph at
1624 Foley Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501.

zaki foreclosure action BofA
That would be me in white in the foreground.

Oh, and rec this up! For Jodie.

9:23 PM PT: Kossack kith put together a lot of this diary, and is also helping with the foreclosure defense.

9:24 PM PT: Kossack kithput together a lot of this diary, and is also helping with the eviction defense effort.

Tue Nov 06, 2012 at 6:11 AM PT: Facebook pages for updates:



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