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The ongoing battle for the title of America's
Dumbest Congressman continues apace.
I'm just going to say up front here that I have no idea what Allen West is going on about. But that's all right, because if history is any indication, neither does he:
Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) accused Democrats of “nefarious actions” during early voting in Florida on Monday, one day after the state’s Democratic Party sued to extend the early voting period.

“I think you’re starting to see some nefarious actions already coming from the other side, because there’s been an incredible turn out from Republican voters on the early voting down here in Florida,” West said on “Fox and Friends.”

(Author's note: Hell's only news channel will consist of Allen West appearing on Fox & Friends, nonstop, for countless millennia. You have been warned.)

What Allen West is complaining about here is the Democratic objections to Florida's substantial curtailing of early voting days/hours, a (Republican-led) decision that has led to six-hour lines at the polling booths and other chaos. You might see this as exactly what it was intended as—a purely Republican effort to make it as difficult as possible for Democratic-leaning constituencies to vote, and thank you very much, Florida, for electing a bona fide crook as your governor, because what could possibly go wrong with that?—but Allen West sees "nefarious actions" afoot in the Democrats objecting to people having to wait six hours to cast a damn ballot, because, you see, "there's been an incredible turn out from Republican voters on the early voting," and that means Democrats are being mean by wanting those Republicans to not wait six hours, er, I mean Democrats are being mean by trying to block Republicans from voting by extending the hours available to them to vote, or … you know what? I have no idea. Why Allen West thinks extended voting hours is an effort to keep Republicans from voting, or nullify those Republican votes by allowing too many undesirable poor people to vote along side them, or whatever the hell he thinks, is one of those things that will remain a mystery for all freaking time.

I have to ask: Is there any national Republican whose primary contribution to the political discourse is not an unidentifiable, word-salad jumble of conflicting complaints and conspiracy theories? If you start making sense one day, do they kick you out of the party right then, or are there some forms that get filled out first, or what?

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