Now that's a good omen:

At the second presidential debate, a town hall forum held at Hofstra University, 11 undecided voters from Long Island asked President Obama and Mitt Romney questions on a range of issues, including unemployment, gun control, and equal pay for women. Mother Jones caught up with five of them, all of whom are still dealing with the aftermath of Sandy, and asked if they finally have decided. Results? Four of the five say they're voting for Obama.
Oh yeah.
""If I could have had a clear understanding of how Gov. Romney would have provided jobs, I would have gone with him. The bottom line is we need food, shelter, and clothing before we can take care of any other needs. I never got a clear understanding about how he would do it. With my question at least [Obama] showed some concern. Romney just reiterated that he would advocate that people be able to possess weapons. And he essentially said that single mothers were the problem. They have enough problems. He also flip-flopped in regard to his thoughts about abortion. So, I was not happy with his response.""
"I feel that both Mitt and Obama have completely different paths for our country. I think [Romney] would undo a lot of the work the president has done in the few years of his presidency. We're already on one track; let's give it a chance and see where we are in another four years. I liked Romney's answer to my question better—his business experience swayed me, but the third debate swayed me towards Obama. That was a commander-in-chief test. Romney looked uncomfortable; he didn't look presidential like he did in first debate. How are you gonna lead if you're uncomfortable?"
"It was always a toss up for me. Romney's business skills are well established, and I think we need a strong economy, but more important is Obama's backing of social plans like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. I don't think he'll hurt them, but I think the Romney-Ryan ticket will try to destroy them. Also I'm a fan of Obamacare. I think this nation needs a national healthcare plan. I'm not crazy about that entire episode with people dying in Libya, but still, overall, I think he's a better man than the governor."
"First of all, my wife would kill me if I voted for Romney. But the problem I think for anybody is whether the information you're getting from either side is true or not. I don't have time to look that up. I think they should make debates so that there are fact-checkers who put [the facts] on half the screen. But even if I can't believe either of them, I have to go with the fact that I think that Paul Ryan was the utmost stupid choice of vice president because he's so totally right wing and so totally anti-women's rights. Then with the Supreme Court, there will be one or two positions that come up in the next four years... There's part of me that hopes it ends up a tie and we end up with Romney and Biden."

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