Richard Trumka, President of the AFL-CIO -- without the support of which MUCH OF THE GOOD THINGS THAT HAPPEN IN POLITICS IN THIS COUNTRY WOULD NOT HAPPEN -- wrote a nice GOTV diary here a couple of hours back.

It got a decent number of recs, but not enough to make the Rec List, and it is now slipping into oblivion -- the day before the fracking Presidential election.

Maybe The Powers That Be will be clever enough to front-page it, but we can't count on that.

Hence my threat in the diary title.

Read the diary and recommend it -- not necessarily in that order.

Don't make me do what I'm thinking of doing.  Yes, it involves bodily fluids, and yes it involves Karl Rove, and yes it could create real problems for my and my family -- for my children.

Think of the children!

Also, go think of the good the AFL-CIO is doing and give up a spot on our list for Richard Trumka.

I made a picture for you to apologize for my being crass above:

Not enough?  OK, here's me meeting Jerry Brown's dog Sutter Brown yesterday, when he came to Fullerton to bring attention to the need to support Prop 30.

Still not enough?  OK, here's one more picture, from 1975, that will only be visible to those who realize that recommending the Trumka diary is the right thing to do.


So, if you were able to see that last photo, now you know what you have to do.

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