By now you have heard about Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's brainchild, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (which replaced the Commerce Department) and its inability to keep track of $8 million in past due loans.

Of course we know that the WEDC is supposed to function better than the Commerce Department that it replaced because...uhm, because, oh yeah, private sector. Anyway, this wonderful quasi-public agency that is unable to keep track of $8 million and change is full of partisan appointees (to put it nicely).

On Wednesday, the day after election day, the folks who work for WEDC are having a chili cook-off. For $5 you get to taste chili and the money goes to a good cause; however, the partisan appointees couldn't stop there...oh no. They had to go and cross that line.

If you cant read what the bottom line says in this photo:
New this year, a special election for the Hot Air Champion! Just $1 buys extra votes to support Partners in Giving without fear of prosecution for voter fraud.
(emphasis mine)

Now, this flyer would have been all well and good if the the bolded words had just been left off. We have seen the billboards in Milwaukee and other cities that are unmistakeably targeting low income voters who may not be familiar with election laws and how the language in this flyer is similar to that that was found in those billboards.

While I am certain that this is nothing more than a lame attempt at humor I and the person who forwarded this on to me found that it smacks of the right-wings talking points of rampant voter fraud and the subsequent voter intimidation and is quite honestly something that should not be found in state office building. This is just an example of the culture that Governor Walker has cultivated in his quasi-public agency that replaced the Commerce Department. Instead of dedicated civil servants we have half-witted partisan hacks injecting their agenda into everything - including something as simple as charity chili cook-off.

Originally posted to Mark E. Andersen (Kodiak54) on Mon Nov 05, 2012 at 03:52 PM PST.

Also republished by Badger State Progressive.

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