I have plenty of Republican friends. I'm white and grew up in a suburban middle class town and then went to college and majored in business. So, as a consequence, many of my friends are Republicans (not all). Or at least people who think that's what they are. I love/like most of them. I wouldn't be friends with them in real life if I didn't. A few on Facebook I wouldn't go that far. Some I'm friends with in that fake world just because I have some connection to them and somehow we ended up becoming Facebook connections.

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In any event, I have the whole range of Republican friends. Close friends, some of my closest. Casual friends. Family. And just acquaintances.

I tend not to talk politics with most of them anymore unless I'm really pushed into it or see just egregious factual errors I feel the need to correct them on. I generally keep my posting on Facebook, with very occasional exceptions, to sports or other non-controversial topics. I hate to say it, but most of my Republican friends tend to be the low information types. Very rudimentary understanding of politics, how policies relate to their lives, history, etc. Generally my friends I consider the less intelligent friends are the Republicans. They usually have other great qualities, like loyal friends, good family people, funny. But smart or really interesting? No. Some have interest in politics, but fall into that FOX trap where they're getting their info from right wing sources and that's all they know. My liberal friends tend to be much better informed. They are better critical thinkers, better understanding of history, law (I'm now a lawyer btw), political history, policy, etc.

Yet the Republicans tend to be the loudest on Facebook. You get a full range there too. From the Obama is from Kenya types to those who think they're deep thinking Republicans in the Paul Ryan mold (which is a laugh in and of itself). I've seen compliments recently about how great a thinker Krauthammer is (another laugh) from two different people. One guy has been going off on how Gallup is the "gold standard" and the only poll that matters and that has Romney up 7. When I pointed out Saturday that poll hasn't been done in a week due to Hurricane Sandy and its internals indicate the range is due to running up the score in the south and losing everywhere else he argued with me a week makes no difference and the running up the score in the south meme was a false lie by "the race-baiters on MSNBC" Today, I felt compelled to point out to him that Gallup now had it 49-48 and Obama leading with RVs and historically Pew has been far more accurate anyways. No response.

Which brings me to my next point. They've gotten far quieter on Facebook. There were a few stray comments, including one today how Obama will lead early tomorrow but then fall behind when everyone else who was at work votes (OMG knee slapper.....these morons have no idea how they fuck themselves supporting who they do! But good joke!), but the constant conservative circle jerks about Benghazi, Taxes, or whatever else the FOX talking points of the moment are have definitely slowed significantly in the last week or two.

And I'm wondering, if you go by volume of comments, these generally loudmouths have suddenly shut up more and more the last 10 days as things turned Obama's way, whether anyone else has had this experience with their conservative friends?

I do think I am gonna have to fire one shot tomorrow night, as I've earned it and generally keep things apolitical both on Facebook and in person. And that is, being in Massachusetts, I'm gonna put my status at "Buh Bye" and then "Buh Bye Again" when Scott Brown and then Mitt Romney both lose tomorrow. Fuck it. I've had to read their conspiracy theories, FOXbot parroting and just ill informed nonsense long enough, that's what I'm planning. And I will love it!

Anyone else notice quiet among their GOP Facebook friends has suddenly increased quite a bit? Got any Facebook shots planned for tomorrow?


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