This last minute insider report from the Romney campaign isn't exactly brimming with confidence.

"We’re still pushing in Ohio, but it’s unpredictable."
"We’re doing everything we can, but I don’t see a lot in Ohio that points to a clear Republican victory," says a Romney insider. "The president has been hammering us for months," and the auto bailout is popular.

Robert Costa, who wrote this piece, is known to be exceptionally close to the Romney campaign. He was one of the first to predict the Ryan VP choice.

Some interesting takeaways:

-The Romney campaign is more confident in FL and NC than in Virginia.
-Ohio "continues to be an uphill battle".
-Romney is hoping for a Hail Mary win in Wisconsin or PA but "it won’t be easy".

We'll see what happens tomorrow. But as one of the Republican commenters at the bottom of the piece says: "This sounds almost defeatist."

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