I'm timing this to appear just after the morning rush on the West Coast and before the lunchtime rush on the East Coast, when people might have just a slight moment to relax a bit.

My wife is, among other wonderful things, an artist and a great admirer of Michelle Obama. (I think that she is just as intent on keeping Michelle as First Lady as I am about keeping Barack as President.)

She painted this portrait of Michelle Obama based on a composite of photos of her with children. It's not quite done -- her husband has been making some demands on her time related to the election, after all! -- but while it's still on the easel it's close enough to send out on this Election Day. (The wavy lines are, I think, distortion from my camera.)

If it pleases you to share it on this day of our President's re-election -- and of Michelle's re-election as First Lady -- or to use it as your status, please feel welcome to do so (for non-commercial purposes only, of course; she'll hold on to the copyright!)

A happy Election Day -- which SHOULD be a national holiday, let's remember! -- to all, and especially to candidates like me who understand why it is no joke when politicians say that they "want to spend more time with their families." After this election, I sure feel that way!

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