Its already happening. I live in Hamilton county Ohio (Cincinnati) and AM 1230 is already reporting people are being forced to take provisional ballots even though they are on the voter rolls. (Click the link and take a listen.) http://thebuzzcincy.com/  I left work early to do what I could do. Ill be going to polling place after polling place today taking pictures and getting video of what the hell is going on down here. Cincinnati is the linchpin of this election. This is breaking my heart but not unexpected.  Please follow me at http://lunchpailleft.com/ for breaking updates.  AND DO NOT FOR ANY REASON NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS TAKE A PROVISIONAL BALLOT IF YOUR NAME IS ON THE ROLL.


3:07 PM PT: UPDATE part 2

So I’m back home charging my phone and got information on three polling places in the Cincinnati area that there have been reports that’s Romney lawyers have been running over and intimidating poll workers and voters into casting a provisional ballot. 4761 Madison Road at the Madisonville Rec center,  The Winton Terrace community Hall at 4848 Winneste Ave and The Bond hill Rec center on 1501 Elizabeth place.  If you are anyone else have had trouble voting there are anywhere else in America please call 1-855-VOTE-199. If I get anything solid or comments from people on the ground you will be sure to hear about it.  GET IN LINE BEFORE 7:30 IN OHIO. DON’T LEAVE. IF YOU ARE ON THE ROLL DON’T ACCEPT A PROVISIONAL BALLOT

Update part 3

So I got a little more clarification on what is going on today. Some Ohio voters were sent absentee ballots by the state without ever requesting them.  The program director for AM 1230 Jeri Tolliver has said over the last couple of months that she was one of the recipients of an unsolicited absentee ballot. When you receive an absentee ballot your name goes on the roll as you already voted so your only recourse is to cast a provisional.  This is why early voting was so important. At this point with a little over two hours left until to polls close can someone tell me why I shouldn’t feel depressed and dejected? Seriously I need it.

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