Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan airplane waits on tarmac in final day of campaign
Markos wrote about Mitt Romney's foolish Election Day campaign schedule earlier and how the absurd image of the Romney and Ryan charter jets stumping for votes on the middle of an airport runway pretty much captures the desperation of Romney's last-ditch efforts, but despite that desperation, there's one thing Mitt Romney continues to steadfastly refuse to do: talk to reporters.

Romney hasn't taken a question from his traveling press pool since late September and unless you count his sit-down with Chris Berman on Monday Night Football as an interview, he hasn't done an interview with any independent media outlet since Oct. 12. And that interview was with Newsmax.

As desperate as Romney is to reach voters, you'd think he'd be accepting every interview invitation he could possibly get. The only problem is that if he did that, he'd have to defend his deceptive television ads and dishonest debate performances. If Mitt Romney thought he could handle the interviews, there's no doubt he'd be out there as close to 24x7 as possible. And the fact that he's not doing that is a pretty good indication that he understands his campaign is a fraud.

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