I've been reading/scanning the diaries today, and a lot of them have been about all of the bad that has been happening.  Well, not everything is bad.

If you have a story about voting today, tell it!  Doesn't have to be positive or negative, just has to be a story you want to share.

I'll start with mine below the Squiggle of Power.

I got to the polls early this morning - about 6:45.  For me, election day is like Christmas - I don't sleep well the night before, and just want to go and deliver my presents.  I like to vote in person, because I like to see the people, and get a feel for their numbers and temper.  In 2008, the lines were long, and full of happy people.  In 2010, the lines were short and grumpy.  So I had a fair idea what was to happen even before the results started coming in.

SO this morning I got there and the sun was shining and there were already 4 people ahead of me.  The Poll people were setting up in the room, and we were in the lobby, but they had a coffee pot on, and let those interested come in and grab a cup.  By 7:00 there were about 40 of us in line, mostly pretty cheerful, and fairly diverse as far as age, ethnicity and attire went.  

The church where the polls are set up has big glass windows in front, and as we were standing waiting for the polls to open, I noticed a guy walking down the street.  He was filthy - looked as though he hadn't washed or changed his clothes in a few days or weeks (quite a few people like that where I live, sad to say), and as he proceeded down the street, he was casually pulling up the "POLLS" signs and tucking them under one arm.

I called to one of the poll workers "Hey - do you see that?", and they all came out and chased the guy (who was by now laughing and staggering) down the street to where he dropped the signs.

One of the poll workers put the signs back up, and instead of being angry, everyone seemed to get a chuckle out of it.  Another positive sign.

At 7:00, they called the lady who was first in line into the room and had her witness the single zeroed out voting machine (which is almost never used) and the empty ballot box, and then let us vote.

I was out the door by 7:10, and the line went a fair ways down the sidewalk.  maybe 50 people.

It was a good day to vote, and I have a good feeling about the election, at least locally.

How was your voting experience?

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