I'm so proud of my youngest...she's been a political activist since 08, or even before. I've been a political geek forever, so I'm really not surprised...
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She registered here in Illinois on her 18th birthday.  She got accepted to The Ohio State University in 2011 and immediately joined the Ohio State Young Democrats.  She parcipated in the Occupy Columbus marches this year.  
She's living off campus this year, and we and she made sure that she had the required documents to register in Ohio. She voted early so she had most of today to work on the campaign and GOTV efforts on campus and within the OSU Student community.  Her mom and I are so proud of her we could just bust!  We figured that her vote would be more useful in OH rather than here in safe Blue Illinois. Let's hope that her vote, and the votes of the other young Ohioans make a difference in this election!

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