/snark, but probably not far from the truth.


Guess he can get rid of the pickup now and accept the limo.

Never have "you people" given money to so many that we could not even vote for :

Elizabeth Warren
Alan Grayson
Sherrod Brown
Orange to Blue
Blue America
Progressive Democrats of America
Democracy For America
Progressive Change Campaign Committee

Great job Dailykos for working to elect downticket progressives. Awesome work!
Democracy Now and Political Reporting

Just amazing experience watching livestream of DemocracyNow.org.  Had on so many progressives with great discussion.

LIVE Election Night 2012 Coverage with Democracy Now!
Amy Goodman and Juan González, along with investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill, offer real-time results from presidential and congressional races, ballot measures, and reports of voter suppression. Correspondents and guests will join us from Florida, Ohio, Colorado, Virginia, Massachusetts, Washington, D.C., New York City and more.

Join the discussion by using the hashtag #DNvote on Twitter to submit comments, photos and videos, sharing your voting day experiences and reflections on our Facebook page or sending email updates from your polling place and to stories@democracynow.org with "election" in the subject line.

Watch the program here or tune in LIVE nationwide on Free Speech TV (Dish Network Ch. 9415 & DirecTV Ch. 348), Link TV (Dish Network 9410 & DirecTV Ch. 375) & MNN in Manhattan (Time Warner Cable 34, RCN 32, Verizon FiOS 33).

Big ongoing discussion about where progressives go moving forward.

Just now Laura Flanders talking reality we face in morning about rising waters of economic issues we face, ie millions of Sandy vics etc. and need for powerful social movements to step up.  (Check out current epic work of Occupy Wall Street )

 Wow, Colorado projected for Obama !

Flanders now talking about our tendancy to look at the top of  the political pyramids but movements have stepped up in this election and made the difference, ie Tammy Baldwin  etc.

Anyway, enjoy your fricking revolving door Scott you d*ck, you lost to a woman you thought did not look like an Indian HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

NBC  project Obama wins!

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