CNN tops Fox News on election night

by James Hibberd

It was a squeaker race in Nielsen’s popular vote that showed a clearly divided cable news audience. But CNN still managed to edge out Fox News on election night.

CNN delivered 8.8 million viewers (4.4 adults 25-54) on Tuesday evening. Fox News was right behind with 8.7 million viewers (3.5 million adults 25-54).

MSNBC placed third with 4.6 million viewers (2 million adults 25-54). The ratings track from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m., from polls starting to close through Barack Obama’s late-night acceptance speech.

This is definitely a nice boost for CNN, which has typically placed second to Fox News when covering high-profile debates during this election cycle.


I am sure that that CNN would have liked to have beaten FOX during this election cycle, but unfortunately they won't be able to pitch that in any of their press releases or inform their ad sales department to say "we beat FOX," due to this tie.

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