Look at just about any state's congressional districts and you can tell which party is in control of the state house by the predominant color of the districts. There are a negligible amount of competitive House seats in the whole country. The source of the political divide and resulting gridlock is in the rigging of the congressional districts to favor one party over the other.

Now most of you are thinking, oh no, we can't give that up, cuz we progressives might lose out nationally. But consider that Dems gained seats in the Senate in a year when Rep's were initially confident of retaking that chamber. Senate seats cannot be gerrymandered; Dems prevailed and tend to prevail when the game is not rigged. We have the better ideas. We respond better to the needs of the many. If the game can be unrigged and our elections become more about ideas and principles, then progressives will have little trouble doing well at every level of politics.

So here's what you can do. Go to Signon.org by following this link to an antigerrymandering petition and sign it. Then forward the link to as many people as you can. You might even challenge conservative friends by saying that if their ideas are really so great why be afraid of a fair contest.

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