My schadenfreude is running rampant after reading this:

Rove Biggest Super-PAC Loser, Trump Says Waste of Money


Donald Trump posted a message on Twitter saying: “Congrats to @KarlRove on blowing $400 million this cycle. Every race @CrossroadsGPS ran ads in, the Republicans lost. What a waste of money.”

Karl Rove and his investors were the biggest losers on Election Day.

The Republican strategist who created the model for the outside money groups that raised and spent more than $1 billion on the Nov. 6 elections saw almost no return for their money...

Ten of the 12 Senate candidates and four of the nine House candidates they supported also lost their races.

The results have angered some Republicans who blame Rove for “sidelining conservatives” and diverting money from them...

Jonathan Collegio, a Crossroads spokesman, declined to comment for this article. Rove couldn’t be reached.

So what about those other guys?
Koch Group’s Ads

It bought about $34 million in TV ads attacking Obama and urging people to vote him out. Its $14 million purchase of TV ads in Senate races also turned up few victories.

Or that other creepy weirdo?
While leaving Romney’s post-election party in Boston last night, Adelson was asked by a Norwegian television reporter how his political donations were spent.

“By paying bills,” he said.

Yup, it was Karl Rove's fault. Or the Kochs. Or Adelson.

Better get rid of em. Go back to your other options beyond trying to buy the election (whatever those are).

Or maybe disgruntled Republican activists can go with Trump. He's surely got the plan for your future!

You guys duke it out and get back to us when the money guys have it all figured out.


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