Short diary for the sole purpose of gleening insight from some of the best informed folks I know. Should we or should we not go over the fiscal cliff?

The cliff is comprised of decisions on the following:
Bush tax cuts
Payroll tax cut

Raising the debt ceiling I believe factors in there somewhere as well.

I'm of a mind that we should go over the cliff, that we have the most negotiating power after the first of the year than in lame duck. If that's a bad idea I'd like to hear why. Thanks in advance.

Also, I've wondered if there is any way at all that we could scrounge up just enough Republicans in the House, those in the right districts or who may not be running in 2014 who would form a coalition with House Dems on at least some key issues. Unless I'm mistaken the baggers are a minority in the House so that's leave enough non-crazies to pick through. Very unlikely, but wondered if there might be a chance however slim.


Should we go over the cliff?

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