After listening to the GOP go into denial regarding the massive thumping handed to them by our president and his party, one meme keeps popping up. Free Stuff and handouts. Our friends on the right have no problem using Blacks and Hispanics to meet their labor needs on the cheap, or for that matter claim that people are not entitled to medicare or SS after paying into them their entire lives. But try to get what you are entitled to and you are labled a taker.

This is also true when it comes to health care and marriage equality. The "it is good enough for us but too good for you crowd"" that cries for smaller government but wants to probe women's private parts is so hypocritical it is scary. Yet, they have done it for so long and have become so good and successful at it, that they are genuinely surprised by the repudiation of their ideaology by the electoral process.

The welfare queens and food stamps for drinking and drugging theme does not carry over to these other demographics. So what exactly is free for them. Here are a few examples that come to mind after listening to various dog whistles from the right.

Women want free abortions and birth control.

Hispanics want free citizenship.

The LGBT community wants free marriage and families.

The elderly want free SS after they have paid for it.

All uninsured people want free healthcare because to make it for profit takes the humanity out of the profession.

I hope that we can move forward and work together because our President has united us all by reminding us what our country looks like by the coalition that helped to reelect him. We are united by the fact that we all want something free...that is the free in FREEDOM.

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