It seems the bigots are losing their minds. I guess they figured Obama's 2008 victory was a fluke and, for once, maybe a white guy will get a shot at being POTUS. Main article is here.

About 40 students at Hampden-Sydney College shouted racial slurs, threw bottles and set off fireworks outside the Minority Student Union within minutes after President Barack Obama's re-election, officials of the tiny, all-male school said today.
Hampden-Sydney, located about 60 miles southwest of Richmond, has a black enrollment approaching 9 percent of its 1,080 students. The private, tradition-bound school was founded in 1775 and is one of only three all-male colleges in the United States.
Its former students have included a president, William Henry Harrison, and comedian Stephen Colbert.

This comes after the riot at Ole Miss which a kossack diaried here.

It's sad that men this young have these attitudes and I'm sure they're doubly angry that Obama won Virginia.  

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