Did you know that Mitt Romney recorded an alternative concession speech that we have received special permission to be released to be public?

This never before seen footage was never played on election night since the networks only showed the the boring concession speech which the pundits thought was the real thing.

Below is the real concession speech that he gave only to his true supporters and his fat cat contributors.

Romney Serenades his billionaire contributors
 in this real concession speech!!!

8:53 PM PT:

Excerpts from the transcript to Mitt Romney's Singing Concession Speech:


You may think I am overcome with torment and depression...

But not me. I have a secret weapon:

I'm still rich.

Never wanted that low wage job as President. Who call really live on only $400,000 a year.

I'm still rich. Filthy rich.

I'm still a horse riding, company acquiring, income hiding,..yacht buying rich.

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