Mitt honestly believed that racial minorities, women and young voters are too irresponsible to show up and vote.

He honestly believed that 2008 was a fluke.

He was surprised because he has such a bigoted, racist, sexist, disdainful, dismissive view of what turned out to be 51% of the people in this country.

And he isn't alone.  MOST of the white men in the news media thought the same goddamn thing.  The anchors, the reporters, the pundits.  From Fox to MSNBC, the white men were utterly shocked not only that Obama won but how.  

That's what i LOVE so much about this election.  The balance of power shifted and these assholes didn't even see it coming.  

I've heard it said that Mitt ran a Mad Men campaign, but we live in a Modern Family country.  Damn straight.  

12:57 AM PT: I have never been so proud of my generation and the generation that follows than I am right now.  White men younger than 40 (like me) went decisively for Obama.  The ONLY thing I look forward to getting old about is knowing that my generation will be the relatively conservative generation.  And my generation just legalized gay marriage and pot in my state, so, you know, that's some relatively conservative that I can live with.

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