I'm flummoxed, confused, bewildered, shocked and a bit nauseous.  The cause of this can be easily identified, but the cure is elusive.  Admittedly, I'm an American living in London so I'll have to rely on the NHS and not Obamacare for the answer, but I'll take my chances.

I have several Republican friends who claim, the sky is falling, the world is ending, etc., and naturally they're blaming the President's re-election for all of these ills.  Some of them can climb down off their mountain of sanctimonious bullshit long enough to have a conversation though and we try to do just that.

However, when I ask them, and I always do, why did the GOP put Romney up for this (thank god they did) - the answer is always that he was the best man for the job.  I'm not sure - I think Huntsman could have been tough.  So, I then ask who do you think should run in 2016 for the GOP and they come back to Romney/Ryan.  WTF?

My late father, a dyed in the wool Republican would roll in his grave if he heard that.

Here's my question:  if, for some scary reason, we were Republicans - who would we run in 2016 that might have a chance of winning?  I can't think of one who isn't so badly soiled or connected that they might have a chance.

Can you?


If you had to pick a GOP candidate for 2016, who would it be?

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