Maybe not.

As reported by KATC TV in Lafayette, a teacher at Lacambre Elementary School showed up wearing all black and explained to her fourth-graders that she was "attending America's funeral."

Yes, because a majority of voters chose to re-elect the president, America sadly expired Tuesday night. Well, maybe not expired. The unnamed teacher explained to her fourth-graders that, because of Obama's re-election, America was now the new China. So it appears we haven't actually died, just been racially demoted or something.

As many of you know, fourth-graders can be quite curious and sometimes skeptical. Not surprising that a few of those fourth-graders went home and asked their parents about their teacher's startling assertions. The story, in short, got out.

So the teacher did what any rational person would do.

She accused the kids of lying.

Shocked at what her son told her, Shello posted her feelings on Facebook. This mother says the teacher wrote her a message saying she'd like to have a conversation with her and she shouldn't believe everything her 9-year-old son tells her.
We all know where this is going. Teacher gets called on the carpet, probably loses job, right? So far, not so much.
These parents want answers. They've reached out to the school board and Delcambre Elementary principal. We reached out as well, we were told Delcambe Elementary's principal was not in today.And the school board said the matter is under investigation.
It will be interesting to watch this story develop. One gets the sense these parents aren't going to let this go, no matter how long the principal stays out and the school board "investigates."

In the meantime, I'm working up a pitch for a new TV show: "Are You Smarter than a Fourth-Grade Teacher?"

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