Rich, white donors poured money in to Karl Rove's election machine, and got NOTHING in return.  As with most rich, white, power hungry males, we all know they won't idly stand by and become the laughing stock of the country.

So, here's my theory.  If they take a good hard look at Rove's tactics, it really only worked for one election, and that was the election of 2000.  Of course, the SC helped him along, but still.  So, 2004 was only the fear factor that got Bush re-elected, and of course the swift boat campaign.  Not really Karl Rove's total doing.  

Now you have $100's of millions of dollars that Rove blew through, and for what?  Not much an ROI, and we know those rich white guys are not happy to have parted with any of their money without promises or gifts in return.  

So, my bet is, we'll see some of those pissed off rich guys putting together an effort to finally "out" Karl Rove as to exactly who and what he is.  No longer will all in his inner circle be willing to cover up for the lies about Karl Rove's sexual escapades.  My prediction is, that before this year is out, there will be a huge breaking story that is related to Karl Rove's "secret" sex life, and those involved.  Those rich people are willing to overlook those types of things, provided they are getting what they want.  But now, heads are going to roll, and I'm betting one of those heads will be Karl Rove's.  We can only hope.


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