from the bbc

US Army Private Bradley Manning faces a life sentence if found guilty at his Maryland court martial of aiding the enemy - one of 22 charges he faces.

His lawyer David Coombs made the offer at a pretrial hearing on Wednesday.

The offer is the first sign he will admit leaking secret Afghanistan and Iraq war reports and diplomatic cables.

I thought he would do something like this, I just wonder why it took him so long.

It looks like this is the preliminary for copping a plea. I think that would be the best choice for him, if he wants to get out of jail in time to still have most of his life left.

I wonder if this means he's going to roll over on wikileaks? If he cops a plea he has to detail what he's done and who he did it with.

I'd sure like to see him get off lightly, as I'm sure most people would. I think there's a strong case for diminished capacity and he  and his defense may be working to that end

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