The GOP wisely sent out former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for a national interview to talk about the party.  Her opening response to the question of where the GOP goes from here was, "We need a bigger tent".

I'll give her props for admitting the obvious, but even Rush Limbaugh has finally admitted the same ("We are outnumbered and losing ground.  It is impossible to beat Santa Claus.")

This notion that if the GOP tweaked its message a little they could expand their base is ludicrous.  They are talking like the prison boss in Cool Hand Luke, "What we have here is a failure to communicate."

Romney already tried lying and, although it gave him a bounce after the first debate, ended in defeat.  No, as Al Sharpton said on election night, ethnic groups vote for politicians whose policies address their concerns.  How does the GOP reach out to  Latino voters?  Immigration reform would be a start.  There's a problem though and that problem constitutes an inherent flaw to effecting any sort of big tent strategy in the GOP.  That flaw is the Tea Party, the GOP storm troopers.  They guard the door to the GOP tent.  Fox News was instrumental in bringing the Tea Party into full bloom.  In a perverse way, I'd like to thank Fox News for their contributions to shaping the agenda of the Republican Party.  Their children, the Tea Partiers, are driving the GOP bus off the cliff.  Good riddance.

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