Hello fellow Kossacks!  What a great week it's been!  We worked our butts off to reelect President Obama by a very comfortable Electoral College margin AND we expanded our lead in the Senate.  Not to mention closed the gap a bit in the House.  All in all, we had a great night on Tuesday.

So, it's perfect timing that our first EVER Philly Kos meet up is set to take place this upcoming Sunday, November 11 at 2:30pm at Reading Terminal Market!  What a way to celebrate our victories!

Follow below for the details!

asterkitty and I (though mostly her, so mega kudos!) have been working behind the scenes to organize our first ever Philly Kos meet up.  I've been to the NYC meet ups in the past and they are wonderful, so I'm glad we'll be starting our own meet up group here for Philly area Kossacks.

We decided to choose Reading Terminal Market because of pretty easy public transportation access (right near the 11th and Market MFL subway station and Market East at 8th for SEPTA regional rail) and because it's a fairly central location, which is good for the first meet up.

OK, so here are the details:

Where: Reading Terminal Market (corner of 12th and Filbert Streets, which is one block north of Market Street).  We will be meeting near the donation pig, better known as Philbert.

When: Sunday, November 11, from 2:30 - 5:00pm.  RTM closes at 5:00pm on Sundays, so we'll have to leave at that time, but if people want to continue hanging out at another location we can figure that out.

Below is a map of RTM.  Look for Philbert, which I marked with the red asterisk on the RTM map.

Below is a picture of what Philbert looks like.

We'll stake out some seating and then people can get whatever food they would like and then we can start conversing and hanging out!

Lastly, I would like to collect attendees' email addresses so that I can set up a private email listserv for future meet ups.  The NYC crowd does this and it is super effective because if you miss a diary on Kos, you may be out of the loop.  Hopefully none of you will have a problem with this.  Additionally, I'll provide name tags and name tag holders that I will distribute and can collect at the end for future meet ups (or if you want to hang on to it, that's fine too).

Here is the current list of RSVPs:  **update - below is the true RSVP list as posted in the New Day diary series.  The previous list were all people who have indicated interest in future Philly Kos meet ups.  Sorry for the confusion.

1. ridemybike
2. mallyroyal
3. blue jersey mom
4. Cherry The Tart
5. Smoh
6. Adam B (maybe)
7. Mr K
8. mconvente
9. asterkitty
10. Cinnamon
11. janmtairy
12. jerseytrishinphilly
13. renzo capetti
14. Matthias
15. DavidMCastro (maybe)
16. mayim (maybe)
17. pholkhero (maybe)
18. Its Jess Me (maybe)
19. aravir (maybe)
20. emidesu (maybe)
21. PLJHawk91 (maybe)
22. TheHalfrican
23. Phillyfreedom (maybe)

Update - travel info provided by renzo capetti

Train sta (railroad) tween 10th & 12th sts, jus N of market st.
48 bus runs west on Arch st. 23 bus runs N on 11th & S on 12th.
17, 33, 44 buses run E & W on Market St..  Sunday Schedule, kogs.
Some of those individuals are likely maybes, but usually 2/3 of RSVPs have shown up at the NYC meet ups, so that means we should still have around 20 people.  Obviously friends and spouses are welcome!

All right, if you have any questions, just post them here, I'll be following the comments throughout the day.

Thanks again to asterkitty and also navajo for advertising our meet up in the New Day series!

Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday afternoon!

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