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That's George P. Bush, one of "the little brown ones." From the Jeb side of the family, so probably a little brighter than if he was the spawn of Dubya.

Not all of the GOP realizes that they need to increase their Latino appeal, but the ones with two synapses to rub together are starting to wise up. Having someone who is brown and Bush lets them reach out without sending their old white racist base into the complete screaming heebie-jeebies.

The report, filed Wednesday, does not indicated which office Bush is eyeing. That won'€™t be evident until Jan. 15, the next deadline for campaign finance reports.

The 36-year-old attorney, who currently resides in Fort Worth, co-founded the Hispanic Republicans of Texas Political Action Committee. He is considered one of the GOP's rising Latino stars and told the Tribune in March that €œpolitics is in his blood. He declined then to speculate about any immediate plans to seek office, although speculation has centered on a run for comptroller.


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