Everyone in the media and such all want to talk about some form of "Grand Bargain" for the deficit. Make no mistake, this is code for us to compromise and deal away our strong hand we earned this electoral season.

The American people didn't reelect Pres. Obama to compromise with terrorists who want to see our country go down in flames.

We didn't elect him to compromise with thugs who smash and bully their way through elections, and whine when it doesn't go their way.

We didn't elect him to compromise with thiefs who raid entitlements, programs we all pay for and have earned, to enrich themselves.

We didn't elect him to play nice with traitors to America.

We don't want, nor need, compromise. We need to set out a series of stalwart principles that will govern our dictates to congress. And we must let congresspeople know, both in our party and the other, that you will accept these as untouchables, these statements, and they are not negotiable. Fail to heed this warning, and they will face the wrath of an angry executive and an angrier electorate.

Now, specifics. I propose these as our "Untouchables":

1. No cuts or reforms to Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security.

2. Cuts only from Defense. Nowhere else.

3. At least a 5-1 new revenue to cuts ratio.

4. Increase of upper quintile tax rates to at least Eisenhower levels (we can start with FDR levels, then negotiate down. Make it seem we want to play nice and jazz.)

5. Increase in corporate tax rate to at least 40%.

I think these are good places to start. The specifics are negotiable. Perhaps we do overhaul the tax code, to make it easier to pay taxes. But no cuts to marginal rates for the upper quintile and no cuts to corporate tax rates. Corporations are not hiring, and should be punished for it.

These should be our demands. We don't need bargaining or compromise. We don't want cooperation, we demand Capitulation.


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